For Doctor’s

You have the option to stay Curbside or be Escorted into the Exam Room.

We ask that you call the office at 661-253-9300 upon your arrival once you are parked safely in a designated parking spot. If you are unable to get through on the phone, please do not leave a message as these are only checked periodically. Instead, please try to call again as sometimes all our phone lines are simply taken. You are welcome to come to the door as well to seek help from a staff member. When you call one of our Client Service Representatives will check you in and ask for your pet’s name, your last name as well as what parking spot you are in or the type of vehicle so we can locate you properly.

For Curbside Service for a Doctor’s Appointment:

A Veterinary Assistant will communicate with you over the phone first to discuss the reason for the visit and pertinent medical history before coming to collect your pet at your vehicle. All communication will happen over the phone. We ask that you do not leave our parking lot- this is not a drop-off type of appointment. You are simply waiting in your vehicle instead of inside the building. While you remain in your vehicle, the Doctor will perform the physical exam and then will call you to discuss the treatment plan and review any questions you may have. Once all treatments are done the Client Services Representative will collect payment either over the phone or will come out to your vehicle. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. Again, please note- this is a curbside appointment, not a drop off appointment. There is an additional cost to leaving your pet in our care longer than your needed appointment time.

This is the best option for clients with children.

If you are feeling under the weather, we will ask that you remain curbside for the safety of our staff. We simply must stay healthy so we can continue to care for animals.

For Escorted Service for a Doctor’s Appointment:

Once the exam room is available, a Veterinary Assistant will come to your vehicle to escort one client and their pet into the exam room. We can only allow one client in for these appointments currently, as it is difficult to maintain social distancing inside our small exam rooms. We will also request that you wear a face mask while inside the building.

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